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Integrative Touch for Kids™ (ITK)

is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose purpose is to enhance well being, minimize suffering and facilitate healing for children with developmental disabilities, genetic conditions, cancers, and other chronic, acute and life limiting illnesses.

Our Mission

Integrative Touch for Kids (ITK) empowers and nurtures the minds, bodies, and spirits of children experiencing special medical needs and their families through a new wellness model that brings integrative therapies and community involvement to improve quality of life.

ITK recognizes when a child has special needs, a family has special needs. ITK cares for the whole family by providing programs that provide therapeutic services and ongoing education in integrative medical therapies that can be implemented in the day-to-day lives of children and families.

ITK is pioneering a new model of health and wellness to minimize suffering, enhance well being, and facilitate healing for children with developmental disabilities, genetic conditions, cancers and other chronic, acute and life-limiting illnesses.

Whole ChildWhole FamilyWhole Community

ITK Happenings


6th Annual Healing Retreat on July 13 - 19, 2014 at Hacienda del Sol Guest Ranch Resort

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News About Us

For those of you that are closely following ITK, you know that we are expanding our programs! We are currently preparing for our 6th annual healing retreat week for families with children with special needs from Arizona, Illinois, and California. More than 250 individuals benefited from the 5th annual healing retreat week last summer, including more than 60 youth. A healing team of more than 70 doctors, nurses and healing arts practitioners delivered a wide range of services. And, volunteers gave over 2,000 hours at the Healing Retreat!

ITK has also launched our Hospital Heroes program to bring support to hospitalized children and their families. ITK’s Hospital Heroes give families the tools they need to survive together through challenging times. Did you know a child with cancer has a better chance of surviving cancer than their family does of staying together? Volunteers go each week to children’s hospitals and offer support to families. And, to add an extra dose of kindness, they bring Smile and Kindness Cards into the hospital. These cards have colorful drawings and heartfelt messages written especially for hospitalized children and their special caregivers.

Because ITK is all about providing year round support, we offer programs for children and adults. Parents often feel isolated and alone and struggle to keep their family together so ITK provides ongoing support groups for parents of children with special medical needs.

Kids connect through play! So, ITK hosts a series of monthly Playdates in the Park. These are special events to break down barriers of social isolation and get kids of all ages and abilities outdoors, playing together.

Three times a year, ITK hosts Live Butterfly Release Events to honor the unique beauty that each child brings to the world. More than 150 live, indigenous butterflies flit, flutter and fly as children and adults watch in wonder!

To help with all of the new programs that we added in 2013, ITK recently created a new Junior Board. This board comprised of incredible young people who have made a commitment to giving back. Our team just continues to shine brighter and fly higher!

Videos About Us

The "Butterfy Effect" Video: Our most recent video includes engaging stories from our healing retreat participants.

Congressman Ron Barber speaks about ITK: Congressman Barber speaks about the importance of ITK at an annual Butterfly Gala event.