Healing Moments

Staci Haines

Somatic Exercise with Staci Haines

Staci Haines
Leadership Development Consultant & Executive Coach

From Integrative Touch, I’m Shay Beider, host of The Conversations on Healing Podcast, and this is Healing Moments. Healing Moments is a segment we’ve created to share moments of healing and wellness that you can incorporate in your everyday life. Today’s Healing Moment is with somatic specialist Staci Haines. She will lead us through a somatic exercise that helps us to feel centered in our bodies so we can live with greater intention and purpose. Find a quiet place to either sit, stand or lie down comfortably and join us for this relaxing experience.

We hope you enjoyed today’s Healing Moment. If you’d like to suggest an idea for a future episode, please send us an email at podcast@integrativetouch.org. If you like our show and want to learn more about the Integrative Touch Healing Center and our virtual classes and services, please visit integrativetouch.org. I’m Shay Beider, thanks for taking the time for this Healing Moment.